Life At School


LNCT is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in every imaginable field. For us every child is a leader of tomorrow and we leave no stones unturned to ensure that every LNCTian is given an opportunity to excel. The Four Segments of the Shield in School Emblem represent different aspects of learning:

  • THE GLOBE signifies the global outlook necessary for the leaders of tomorrow.
  • THE BOOK stands for knowledge.
  • THE MACHINE embodies Continuous Learning is the ability to apply strategies which support learning and the ability to adapt to change. We use this skill when we learn as part of regular work or from people around us and when we access training in practical life.
  • THE TIME OF EXCELLENCE belongs to achieving the excellence through the time and age.

All unites together is symbol of creativity, culture, refinement and enrichment.

School for Life

“Educating appropriately as per understanding can bring change .”

LNCT World School is a Green School, that shares a commitment to environmental sustainability. As we stand at the threshold of a new era, the role of education has changed. In the current scenario education needs to prepare the learners to meet the challenges and demands of the ever-changing society. At LNCT World School, we believe that today’s child is tomorrow’s adult. So, one has to go beyond the traditional methods and ensure education for understanding that is excellent in quality, engages personally and prepares global citizens that are ready to face the challenges of the brave new world. We at LNCT World aim at providing K-6 Education that every child deserves and our endeavor is to go beyond the conventional methods of learning to ensure excellence along with providing a strong base in ethics as we firmly believe that when excellence meets ethics, the disciple’s mind goes beyond facts and standardized tests.

Our priorities are achievements of our students. To this end we have Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system which refers to a system of school based evaluation of learners that covers all aspects of development. The scheme is thus a curricular initiative, attempting to shift emphasis from testing to holistic learning. We appreciate diversity and realize that each young individual is different and so our constant endeavor is to help each child realize his potential and discover new horizons. Under the flagship of LNCT group, more than 25+ engineering colleges, medical college, dental, pharmacy, nursing colleges and Homeopathic college are running successfully. We ensure child’s over all education in a planned and systematic manner. The complete solution of education in every field enables students to complete masters right from start up in choice of his own discipline. We provides complete education package in itself.



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