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Unique Features of LNCTWS

Our carefully planned and creative programmes include:

Vocal and physical warm-ups

  • Voice and speech work
  • Language skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Drama
  • Literacy

Home Visits

Mentors conduct Home visits to understand the modus operandi of the parents and grandparents in upbringing of their kids. Also they provide the feedbacks to encourage the child’s upbringing in pace.

Mentoring Session

Every kid is groomed under the guidance of mentor. The mentor evaluates the child’s state of learning and behavior pattern and helps the child to learn in its own better way and achieve competitive edge

Must for Learn :-

The prime effort is nurturing a kid in the best manner suits to his personality and learning mode, special mentors and educationalist from the industries are engaged for analyzing and building up the confidences and expressive communication, creativity, collaboration and cognitive development in our students.

Class Sessions


Std. Nursery to 2nd
Std. 3rd to 8th

8: 45 am to 12:15pm
8:45 am to 3:15pm


Mon-Sat   (9am – 2:30pm)

LNCT WS Bhopal

New Chouksey Nagar, Lambakhera, Bairasia Rd, Bhopal, MP admission@lnctworldschools.com

LNCT WS Indore

Rau-Pithampur Road, Bheslay Rau, Indore (M.P.) 453332 admission.indore@lnctworldschool.com 9179760828