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Primary School-JIGYASA

Primary School (JIGYASA Stage of Child development : Class 1 -5 )

At LNCTWS, classes 1 to 5 are called the JIGYASA  phase. Jigyasa means curiosity – the urge to know, a spontaneous quality which we, at LNCTWS, understand. Children’s learning during this phase of schooling will be based on the same philosophy as the preschool and will emphasize experiential, cross-curricular and holistic education – everything that LNCTWS has become known for. In these classes, children get a lot of exposure to learning through projects such as creating stories and story books, designing musical instruments, making a drama script, designing a vehicle or creating a webpage. Projects are used to help children do research and learn by asking questions.

This is the Phase of Child development at early stage from Raw to the cultural foundation.  The soil can be molded at this stage. This is crucial time of preparing a kid to aware between right & Wrong. At LNCT World school we apply thematic approach of learning pattern.

The curriculum is based on research based apart from the standard booklist of CBSE curriculum. The best Schools, all national & International level are consulted before formation of worksheet.

Steps of Teaching at JIGYASA Stage:-

  • Thematic Learning
  • Problem Solving Technique
  • Step wise thinking and execution.

Class Sessions


Std. Nursery to 2nd
Std. 3rd to 8th

8: 45 am to 12:15pm
8:45 am to 3:15pm


Mon-Sat   (9am – 2:30pm)

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